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Zebra ET55/ET50 Tablet Cradle for Zebra Rugged Frame

Zebra ET55/ET50 Tablet Cradle for Zebra Rugged Frame


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  • Fast charging holder with a 3-amp built-in charger
  • Secure & stable car mount for Zebra ET55/ET50 safety
  • Sleek design for easy device access, adjustable for versatile positioning
  • Clutter-free and seamless hard-wired power pack
  • Crash-tested, made from high-quality material
  • Plug ‘N Play with replaceable cradle head component
  • Boosts mobile signal with a reputable antenna
  • 3-Year unlimited KM warranty for peace of mind

Tech Specs

  • Designed for professional hard-wired installation
  • DC Charging Cable (Input Voltage: 12/24Vdc) included
  • Swivel mount fits all vehicles
  • SMA connector for an external mobile antenna like Strike B3 Bullbar Antenna
  • Multi-band passive antenna booster for improved reception
  • Works with 12V and 24V charging systems with voltage spike protection
  • Industry-Standard AMPS Pattern for RAM Mounts compatibility
  • Engineered and designed in Australia
  • Designed for use with your Zebra Rugged Frame (case not included in the package)

Package Contents

  • Strike Alpha Car Cradle
  • Strike AK Swivel Mount & Screw Pack
  • DC Charging Cable Power Pack (Professional Installation)
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Compatible Device

  • ET50
  • ET55
  • Strike Alpha Zebra ET55/ET50 Vehicle Mount for use with the Zebra Rugged Frame is now available at Strike. This innovative Zebra ET55/ET50 business tablet mount is specifically built to complement the rugged and enterprise-grade design of Zebra ET55/ET50. Now you can put your Zebra ET55/ET50 in the car cradle without removing your Zebra Rugged Frame. To ensure that your ET55/ET50 tablet can be efficiently used even in mission-critical conditions Strike Alpha Zebra ET55/ET50 cradle has been perfectly customized to fit your ET55/ET50 onto the mount while the rugged frame is still on.
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