CollectionZebra Car Mounts

Strike designed high-quality mounting solutions to secure your Zebra device in any location such as your car, forklift, industrial vehicles, warehouse applications, and more. Strike Zebra car mounts are equipped with fast charging capabilities. They come in different variants including Zebra touch computer holders with Antenna, No Antenna, and with Rubber Boot compatible.

The Zebra car cradle's features are suitable for use in different fields such as Warehousing, Logistics, and other enterprise industries. A lockable version is also available to keep your device secure from theft. Strike's Zebra car mounts can endure difficult work conditions and are crash tested to withstand up to 25G. Strike has custom-designed Zebra car cradles for Zebra TC21/TC26, Zebra TC52/TC57, Zebra TC51/TC56, Zebra TC72/TC77, and Zebra ET55/ET50. Mount your Zebra device anywhere with our car mounts below.