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Although a USB cable comes with your device when you purchase a smartphone or tablet, what do you do when your USB cable breaks? You’ll have no choice but to get a new one. Phone chargers are essential – that goes without saying. So, it’s important when you’re buying a new USB connector that you get the best one that suits you.

Strike’s USB cables and connectors are durable, trustworthy, and reliable. We offer vast range of USB cables and connectors like Strike X-Cable Magnetic Micro USB Cable, USB to Micro USB Cable, USB to USB-C Cable, Apple 30-pin to USB Cable, Apple Lightning to USB cable, Strike Car Charger, and DC Charging Cable with USB.

Strike X-Cable Magnetic Micro USB Cable: upgrade your charging cable to an X-Cable today! It’s a two-piece charger that can save you time. Simply plug in the small metal USB component into your phone and the magnetic cable will automatically attach to it whenever you want to. You can take your phone around without removing the micro USB 2.0 and it can also act as an anti-dust plug. Plus, an intelligent LED light will change from red to green to signal that your phone is fully charged.

USB to Micro USB Cable: Access your files while you go with the USB 3.0 to Micro USB Cable. You’ll no longer need to worry about going through the tedious process of sending files to your email, with this data cable, you’ll transfer your files to your computer in no time.

When choosing a USB extension cable, always go for something that is reliable and won’t break down after several uses. With Strike’s exclusive range of cables and connectors, you can simply select the right USB extension cable, mini USB cable, or phone charger without a hassle. Transfer data from your handset device to computer with a Strike's Cable and Connector today!