CollectionCel-Fi Mobile Booster & Cradle Bundles

Struggling with dropped calls and slow data on your road trips, adventures, or even your daily commute? Look no further than Cel-Fi Mobile Booster & Cradle Bundles, the perfect solution to eliminate frustrating signal issues and guarantee reliable cellular connectivity wherever you go. The ideal mobile booster and car kit solution that is suitable for any vehicle, truck, 4WD, and more.

The CelFi Mobile Booster & Cradle Bundle is the complete signal booster solution. Perfect for your adventures and travels.

Strike offers various Cel-Fi booster bundles that include everything you need for a seamless setup. Whether you prefer the Cel-Fi GO G41 Smart Signal Booster or the Cel-Fi ROAM R41 Mobile Kit, these standard Cel-Fi smart repeater setups ensure strong 3G, 4G, and even 5G connectivity inside cars and boats, including fleet vehicles.

For the best cellular reception booster solution, the Cel-Fi ROAM R41 Mobile Kit & Strike B3-B Antenna Bundle + Wireless Charging Universal Car Cradle DIY is the complete mobile car kit solution for you. Enhance your in-vehicle connectivity on the go!

If you already have a Strike Alpha Car Phone Holder installed in your vehicle, the Cel-Fi ROAM R41 Mobile Kit & Strike B3-B Antenna Bundle is the perfect reception booster bundle for you. It includes a CEL-FI ROAM R41 mobile unit, an Internal Server Antenna with 4M cable SMA male, a Strike B3 Car Aerial, and a CEL-FI ROAM R41 12VDC CLA power lead. Level up your driving experience anywhere you go with the Cel-Fi Mobile Signal Booster & Cradle Bundles. 

Purchase a mobile signal repeater solution bundle today and boost your cellular signal even in low reception areas!