CollectionUniversal Car Phone Holders & Tablet Mounts

Mount a variety of devices in one go with Strike’s Universal Phone Holders and Tablet Cradles! Introducing Strike’s universal car mounts! These universal car phone holders and tablet mounts provide a secure grip on your device whether in a traditional car cradle or magnetic phone holder.

Our magnetic car mounts are equipped with strong N50 magnets for a firm grip on your phone in bumps, deceleration strips and more! Strike also delivers universal mounting solutions for all types of phone charging capabilities. We have universal car cradles compatible with micro-USB, USB Type-C and wireless charging. These universal car phone mounts provide fast and safe charging with voltage spike protection.

Strike’s line of wireless charging mounts also charges up to 10W! Enjoy the functionalities of your device whilst on the road whether it’s for music or navigation apps with Strike’s universal car phone holders and heavy-duty tablet cradles!