Government, Public Safety Mounts & Rugged Protective Cases

Improve government efficiency and elevate your public safety operations with Strike's premium device mounting solutions, custom-crafted to meet the specific needs of law enforcement, the police force, the fire department, and first responders. Our offerings are tailored to be the ultimate companions in critical situations, empowering every aspect of various agencies, departments and public safety.

Our carefully designed device cradles, mounts, and rugged cases are specifically crafted to secure a range of devices, including tablets, smartphones, and computers, providing seamless access to critical information in the field. Enhance situational awareness, streamline operations, and ensure the safety of your personnel with our innovative solutions.

Explore a diverse range of mounting options and rugged accessories, compatible with various devices used by law enforcement, police force, fire department, first responders and more. At Strike, we comprehend the unique demands of the public safety industry, and our mission is to equip you with the best tools to optimise your workflow and enhance emergency response capabilities.


Heavy Duty Mounts


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Streamlined Operations with Hands-Free Mounting Solutions

Our cutting-edge cradles and mounts are purpose-built to withstand the challenges of public safety operations. Securely mount tablets, smartphones, and computers, providing hands-free access to critical data in the field. From law enforcement to first responders, our solutions boost situational awareness, enabling quicker and more efficient responses.

Rugged Cases for Public Safety

Unmatched Protection with Rugged Device Cases

Protect your essential devices with our rugged cases, thoughtfully designed to endure harsh environments and impacts. Safeguard your technology investment, ensuring uninterrupted communication and access to vital information during emergencies. Equip your personnel with the tools they need to perform their duties with utmost confidence.

Ready to elevate public safety and emergency response capabilities? Reach out now to explore how Strike's advanced device mounting solutions can optimize your operations. Enhance emergency services with seamless access to critical data for more effective public safety!