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A product is only as good as the technology that backs it. That is why at Strike, we back our motto of "hands-free motor genius" with accessories that will ensure you always have clear and stable mobile reception. They may appear to be small, but the ability to buy accessories such as patch leads, phone antenna, car aerial, and mobile signal boosters can make all the difference.

Technology today requires many enterprise users to have reliable cell phone reception and data connection for their everyday workload. Thus, began the emergence of mobile phone signal boosters for cars as a solution to weak mobile signals and unstable data connections.

Strike understands the emerging demand for car signal boosters, 4g car antennas, 5g car aerials, patch leads, mobile signal repeaters, and accessories that help in improving cellular networks. Strike recognizes your need to have accessible mobile reception no matter where you go. Making calls when travelling to rural areas becomes difficult and often a mobile phone car antenna can help in improving phone signal and radio frequencies.

A car aerial is designed to improve a device's signal strength by transmitting and receiving signals to a cellular tower. With boosted mobile reception you won't have to worry about dropping calls and terrible phone call quality. Strike offers a variety of phone signal boosters for cars that are suitable for Next G, 3G, 4G & GSM, and 5G networks that can be installed in many vehicles. All car phone antennas at Strike are engineered for home and vehicle use.

Strike's car phone antenna can be used for both mobile phone and modem devices and is the perfect antenna for boosting your signal and improving your data speed. For home Wi-Fi booster solutions, we have included our high-quality Antenna and Patch Lead that will suit your mobile broadband devices. No more undesirable internet dropping outs with these Strike Antenna and Patch Lead solutions. We have the best Telstra signal booster value packs that are suitable for modem devices such as Telstra 4GX Hotspot, Telstra 5G Wi-Fi Pro, Netgear Nighthawk M6 Pro, Netgear Nighthawk M6, Netgear Nighthawk M2, and Netgear Orbi 4GX Router. Strike external antennas are designed to boost the mobile signal. You can enjoy fast and uninterrupted mobile broadband internet with the help of this external antenna.

Strike designed mobile boosters for cars from a basic glass mount antenna to the top-of-range heavy-duty bulbar mount, these represent the very latest in the ever-improving mobile phone antenna technology.

We have the best Telstra 4GX Hotspot Antenna Kit, Telstra 5G Wi-Fi Pro Antenna Bundle, Netgear Nighthawk M6 Pro Antenna Bundle, Netgear Nighthawk M6 Antenna Bundle, Netgear Nighthawk M2 Antenna Bundle, or Netgear Orbi 4GX Router Antenna Bundle. Strike car phone antennas are designed to boost mobile signals. You can enjoy fast and uninterrupted mobile broadband internet with the help of this external antenna.

Patch leads cables let you connect your mobile phone or data device to an external antenna, to boost mobile coverage. Patch leads aren't generic, so you'll need to ensure you order the patch lead specific to your phone.

Shop for Strike's wide range of mobile phone car antennas, patch leads, and antenna + patch lead value packs to improve your everyday hands-free driving experience.