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Introducing Strike's very own line of Car Kits and Car Kit accessories!

These Bluetooth Car Kits and Car Kit accessories are designed for you to get the most use out of your phones and other smart devices while you drive about. The Car Kits allow you to have crisp clean hands free chats with your family, workmates and friends. It’s an ergonomic solution!

Getting one of these hands free car Bluetooth devices (whether the portable or installed version) will allow you to have phone calls with crystal clear conversations. And the best thing? They comply with the Australian road laws.

Our various brands include THB Bury, and Telstra/ZTE hands free car kits. We have portable Bluetooth Car Kits as well, which also saves you from physically dialling your phone. This allows you to make calls with the car kit still in your pocket.

If you're interested in bundles, we have our Car Kits Value Pack. Each pack includes our Strike Alpha Car Cradle and a Car Kit. We also have ISO Cables & Switches, and Car Kits Spare Parts for you to help you get the most out of your hands-free experience. We offer the best Bluetooth hands free car kits in Australia.

Strike Alpha Car Cradles are enterprise-grade hands-free enabling phone and tablet device holders. Just simply mount your device onto the phone dock and you'll be ready to start communicating. Coupled with a Strike car antenna you can further boost your phone's signal for a better sounding experience. You can also check our wide range of Strike Antennas here.