Marine Mounts & Rugged Protective Cases

Boost efficiency and safety in marine operations with Strike's premium marine mounts and rugged protective cases. Our top-of-the-line products are specially designed for marine professionals and vessel operators, making them the ultimate companions for boats, ships, and offshore installations.

In the bustling marine industry, technology takes center stage. Our cutting-edge device cradles and mounts, complemented by durable cases, are expertly designed to secure and provide easy access to your devices, even in challenging maritime conditions. Sail with confidence, as our innovative solutions offer unmatched durability, reliability, and seamless integration.

Explore a diverse range of mounting options and rugged device accessories, compatible with various marine equipment, including tablets, smartphones, marine GPS systems, and handheld computers. At Strike, we understand the unique demands of the marine sector, and our mission is to equip you with the finest tools to optimise your workflow and revolutionise marine operations.


Heavy Duty Mounts


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Cases for Marine

Improve Productivity with Hands-Free Mounting Solutions

Unveil the advanced features of our phone and tablet cradles and mounts, purposefully crafted to withstand challenging marine environments, securing your devices during rough seas and adverse weather conditions. Embrace unparalleled comfort and convenience with our user-friendly designs, empowering you to focus on navigation, communication, and critical tasks with effortless efficiency.

Rugged Cases for Marine

Defend Your Marine Devices with Strike's Rugged Cases

Your marine devices are invaluable assets that demand the highest level of protection from water, salt, vibrations, and impacts. Strike's rugged cases are purposefully engineered to safeguard your devices, ensuring unwavering performance in the harshest maritime environments.

Discover Strike's top-tier marine mounts and rugged cases by Strike. Elevate marine operations with premium products. Contact us now for streamlined workflow, enhanced safety, and maximum efficiency on the water.