CollectionPanasonic Handheld Holders

With fast charging, rugged protection, and signal boosting capabilities, Panasonic car phone holders are engineered to securely hold your device on the road and in the field. Strike’s Panasonic handheld holders are suitable for enterprise use including Warehousing, Transportation, Logistics, and more. Panasonic car mounts are designed to withstand up to 25G in the event of an accident and are equipped to withstand the most demanding environments.

You can also mount a set of Panasonic handheld devices with a Panasonic Desktop Charging Dock suitable for teams that require a docking station. With the Panasonic car cradle’s safe and fast charging capabilities, your device is guaranteed to run on sufficient battery consistently. Its internal passive antenna can significantly improve mobile signal at home, office, or vehicle by connecting it to an external aerial. Check them out below.