CollectionCell Phone Antennas for Car Kits

As the leading ‘hands-free motor genius’ in the market, Strike has always been devoted to offering our customers leading-edge car accessories that will ensure you always have clear mobile reception and connection.

Car aerials and phone signal boosters are essential to improve mobile reception in rural areas and low-network signal locations. To meet the demands of having accessible cell phone connection, Strike has designed a wide range of mobile phone signal booster for cars that boosts phone signal strength and radio frequencies. With mobile phone car antennas, you never have to worry about

Strike’s line of mobile phone aerials for cars is also suitable for networks including Next G, 3G, GSM, and 4G with select antennas compatible with 5G networks. All car phone antennas are designed for home and vehicle use. Strike offers car phone antennas from a basic ‘peel and stick’ installation to the top-of-the-range studded mount, these represent the very latest in the ever-improving mobile phone antenna technology.

Purchase your mobile phone car antenna today and boost your car and 4WD mobile signal!