Tablet Holders for Cars

The new Strike Alpha Cradle is intelligently designed to deliver greater functionality and minimise driver distraction. It is fully compliant with Australian road laws, and with a 3-year unlimited KM warranty it’s tough enough for Aussie conditions.

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As one of the leading provider of hands-free technology for cars and other vehicles, Strike aims to accommodate all types of devices in the market. We’ve carefully chosen a selection to make hands-free driving and riding a pleasure – in fact, we’re now designing and manufacturing our very own Strike products. That’s because, we know exactly what our customers want – the very latest in car Bluetooth, Bluetooth headsets, iPhone accessories, iPad accessories, phone holders, car cradles, antennas, mounting solutions and even reversing camera products.

Tablets and iPads are very popular devices for both work and play. It is more portable than a laptop and the screen is bigger than phones. This makes it a great alternative to the mentioned devices. These Tablets and iPads can be taken anywhere and used on various fields and applications, which is why Strike developed cradles bring added convenience and features to your Samsung tablets, Ruggear tablets, Zebra tablets, Apple iPads and other tablets in the market today. Tablet car holders for Samsung tablet devices like Samsung Tab Active3, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 5G and Tab S7+ 5G are also available.

These tablet and iPad holders for your car come with fast chargers to make sure that your tablet or iPad is ready and powered for those long hours of work or drive. No more stopping work just to charge your device. These car tablet holders charge even as you use your tablets. They also have the option for you to boost their mobile signals by connecting the cradles to reputable antennas such as the Strike B2 Antenna.

If you’re looking for Strike Alpha Cradles for mobile phones, we also have these available. You can also view our line of products here