CollectionZebra Tablet Cradles

Strike offers premium quality tablet holders for enterprise ready mobile tablet computers like Zebra rugged devices. These Strike Alpha Vehicle Mounts for Zebra tablet devices are designed to suit almost all working environments and different industries like warehousing, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation and logistics, field mobility, and more!

These Strike Alpha Zebra tablet mounts will securely hold and protect your device even on tough environments. Strike Alpha Zebra tablet holders are developed with enterprise-grade standards to complement the Zebra rugged tablet devices. With Strike Alpha car cradle, you can secure your rugged tablet device anywhere. Optimize the use of your Zebra tablet and increase efficiency and productivity with Strike Alpha Zebra Car Dock.

Enterprise business applications can sometimes drain your Zebra tablet's power fast. With Strike Alpha Zebra holders' fast charging capabilities, you no longer need to worry about battery drain. These tablet cradles ensure that your device has battery especially for mission-critical activities. The professionally installed version can charge your device up to 3 amps while the do-it-yourself version can charge your device by up to 2.4 amps.

The Strike Alpha Zebra tablet cradles are engineered with internal passive antenna that can boost mobile reception once connected to an external aerial. It can deliver better signal even in poor coverage areas - perfect for mission-critical applications. You can check out our high performing car antennas here. Strike Alpha Cradles for rugged Zebra tablets also come with no antenna versions.

With universal AMPS hole pattern at the back of these Zebra tablet cradles, you can easily pair it with a large spectrum of mounting options such as RAM Mounts.

These Strike Alpha Zebra tablet car mounts are available for international shipping to countries such as France, United Kingdom, United States, and more.

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