Installed Bluetooth Car Kits

Hands-free mobile phone calls aren’t just convenient – they’re the law. That’s why car manufacturers build Bluetooth into most new vehicles sold in Australia. The problem is, they’re usually not up to the expectations of busy people who need crystal clear conversations, each and every time. Poor noise quality, echoing and drop out ends up making the factory installed Bluetooth car kit more of a hindrance than a help. 

THB Bury Kit


A mobile phone is now a basic need for nearly every human being, as society, as the introduction of innovative wireless technology has bought new meaning to the communication world. Today, almost all new mobiles have Bluetooth technology included.

What is Bluetooth and why is it important? A Bluetooth enabled handset allows to user to share data, song, videos and pictures with another. It also enables you to take advantage of Bluetooth accessories, such as headsets which with you can receive calls and/or listen to your favorite tracks without wires. With the increased demand and importance of Bluetooth, many companies are now manufacturing Bluetooth enabled hands free car kits. The main purpose of these devices is to provide more safety while driving. 

We offer a wide range of hands-free car kit solutions, so choose your own according to your need. Remember, your phone call may be important, but life is more valuable than anything.