Strike Desktop Charging Dock

Strike Desktop Charging Dock

AL-STK Desktop Stand

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Package Contents

  • 1 x front base
  • 1 x back base
  • 1 x dock
  • 3m dots


  • Supports any Strike Alpha Cradle
  • Sturdy and highly flexible design
  • Can support multiple devices simultaneously
  • Added safety - It can be charged using 12/24 volt charging with voltage spike protection.
  • The antenna is primarily updated for Australian networks including Telstra Next G and all 4G.
  • 3-year unlimited KM warranty.
  • Patented design for Strike.
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Tech Specs

Boosting your mobile signal is also possible when you use the antenna connector in your Alpha cradle. Perfectly suitable for users situated at rural areas. Charging cables with Strike Alpha Cradles are all pass-through compatible so they can be plugged into a computer for data transfer.

This Charging Dock can serve as a device holder for home or office use. Highly flexible can be easily adjusted to support specific needs.It allows an easy DIY installation and can be secured using 3M dots or screwed on a smooth surface.
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Introducing the Strike's Modular Desktop Charging Dock. With its modular design you can easily attach unlimited charging docks together where your phones tablets or iPads can charge simultaneously. This Multi-Device Charging Dock can be used with any of the Strike Alpha Cradle range. Comes with an additional locking system for added device security and anti-theft deterrence.