CollectionTrailer Reversing Camera System

Reverse your vehicle and hook up your trailer safely with the universal reverse camera system for trailers!

Designed to ensure safe hitching and reversing of your trailer, this reversing camera is the perfect solution. The Trailer Buddy is a wireless reversing camera with a portable and compact design that can easily be installed at the back of your vehicle with your mobile device acting as your monitor and rear-view mirror.

This reversing camera kit comes with a 4K camera and an adjustable telescopic arm as the attachment system. It can be magnetically adheres to the back of your vehicle making it ideal for tradies and labourers.

The Trailer Buddy Reverse Camera System allows you to reverse and position your vehicle in the exact location needed for the trailer they are hitching, ensuring no damage to the vehicle when reversing and risking the trailer hitting the vehicle. This wireless reverse camera kit allows you to avoid unnecessary heavy lifting and pulling of the trailer to drag the trailer to the correct position to hook it to your vehicle.