CollectionTHB Bury System 9 Cradles

The Bury System 9 not only gives you convenient charging of your phone whilst you drive, it is also an enterprise-quality car mount that helps keep you safe and ahead of the ever-evolving road rules and regulations. It also makes it easy to change your phone and still use the THB Bury System 9 as your Bluetooth car kit.

These THB Bury System 9 cradles are device-specific to make sure that it’s a perfect fit for your handset. It also comes with antenna connection facilities to improve your mobile reception. We have holders for iPhone 5&5s, iPhone 6&6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone 11 Pro, and many more. In particular, our universal TBH Bury cradles are designed to suit whichever device you have because they come in different sizes.

The System 9 THB Bury units have easy “snap-in” base plates that take only seconds to install. It can also be used with Bluetooth hands-free car kits by other manufacturers.

Devices with Bluetooth will benefit from the THB Bury System 9 cradles as they allow you to answer calls whilst you drive. It will hold your phone securely to avoid distractions. The THB Bury Cradle is super convenient.

The UNI System 9 universal hands-free car kits guarantee the greatest possible level of flexibility for mobile communications. The UNI Take&Talk cradles, which are compatible with more than 250 models of mobile phone, has a hardwired power supply that offers premium charging.

There are THB Bury cradles for iPhone, Samsung, HTC, and Blackberry smart phone models, as well as models from Nokia and Motorola. THB cradles require you to purchase a specific cradle that connects to an existing base plate with its quick and easy snap-in mounting system. This ensures that when you receive a new phone, you will simply have to update the cradle and not your entire Bluetooth hands-free unit. THB cradles come with a wide range of mounting options for convenient and secure placement of your mobile phone. Buy now!