CollectionSamsung Galaxy Tab Active Holders

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab Active mount is now available from Strike! Enterprise users can now experience the enhanced & improved features of a Strike Alpha Cradle made specifically for the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab Active.

Samsung recently announced the release of their newest tablet specifically developed and built to address the demands of the enterprise workforce. The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active has a ruggedized design that can withstand drops from up to 1 meter. The tablet comes with an IP67 certification to be able to operate even at dusty environments. This means that the device can efficiently be used by business users in rough workplaces.

Being the forefront in car cradle technologies, Strike is the first to release a mount for use with the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active. This new Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Holder from Strike is powered using a POGO connector with improved charging capabilities. Strike has specifically developed a 3 amp (for professionally installed version & 2.4 for DIY version) 12/24v Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Holder charger. This ensures that the device will never run out of power whilst the most important enterprise applications are all being used at the same time. While your Tab Active sits securely in the Strike Alpha Cradle, it automatically charges your device with a 1% battery gain every 10 minutes when under maximum load. Enterprise users can now access various & high load applications with their Tab Active simultaneously, without having to worry about battery drain. Download Strike’s enterprise mobility case study for more information, here. You can view the video version via our Youtube page.

Advanced technology has been used by Strike’s Electrical Engineers to design the DC / DC converter to OEM Automotive manufacturing standards - with voltage spike protection, and no EMI Electromagnetic Interference.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active is 'intrinsically safe' making it perfect for mining, transport and medical verticals. The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Mount from Strike has been made to compliment usage of the Galaxy Tab. This Tab Active holder can be mounted in cars, boats, trucks, vans, planes, helicopters, forklifts, agricultural equipment or even as a desktop or wall mount stand. This vehicle mount is built to enterprise standards and has a 3 year warranty.

Strike has embedded an NFC chip into the tablet holder which makes it very convenient to use. Once the device has been placed in the car cradle, it automatically allows you to set up user preferences. You can now use enterprise specific applications to be able to monitor important tasks or company GPS in tracking location of employees among others.

The Strike Alpha vehicle mount for the Samsung Galaxy tab active is available now from Strike with a separate lock add on that locks the tablet in the cradle using a key. We can also add a dedicated GPS passive antenna to the tablet holder to increase the accuracy location based applications. Ask the sales team for more info. You may call us on 1300792044.

The Galaxy Tab Active car holder has two versions available: Pro Installed and DIY. Package contents vary depending on the version selected to suit your needs. Purchase an Alpha car mount for your Samsung Galaxy Tab Active today!