CollectioniPhone 13 Pro Max Car Cradles

Avoid heavy fines and drive safely whilst on the road with the Strike Alpha Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Car Mounts! It securely holds and charges your device to ensure that you have sufficient battery to last the day. The PRO-install version can charge your iPhone 13 Pro Max with 3.0 amps and 2.4 amps for the DIY version.

The Strike Alpha Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max vehicle mounts are also compatible with mounting solutions that have the universal amps pattern including RAM Mounts.

These iPhone 13 Pro Max car phone holders are engineered to withstand up to 25g in crash standards and harsh work environments. The Strike Alpha iPhone 13 Pro Max car cradles are also built with signal boosting capabilities. Just simply connect the internal passive antenna with a reputable external car aerial to boost your cellular reception. Check out these high performance car antennas here.

We have variants of Strike Alpha mobile phone holders for iPhone 13 Pro Max in this page to help you decide which car dock suits your needs the best. Order yours today!