Trailer Buddy Reversing Camera System

$179.00 (Including GST) CAM-STK TB

Hitch up your trailer safely and easily with The Trailer Buddy Reversing System. This reversing camera allows you to reverse and position your vehicle in the exact location needed for the trailer you are hitching, ensuring no damage to the vehicle by over reversing and risking the trailer hitting, denting, and damaging the vehicle. It has a 4K camera that connects to a mobile phone app called Master Cam which can be downloaded for free on your app store. Giving a clear and unobscured view of anything behind the trailer, this wireless reverse camera ensures that your trailer can be safely reversed and parked. The Trailer Buddy is a trailer reverse camera that can be used in any vehicles, boats, caravans, and more.

  • Multipurpose Reverse and Backup Support - This reversing camera kit can be used for hooking up and directing any trailer, tradies, household, boats, cattle trailers, horse trailers, off-road, ATVs, watercraft vehicles, and more. Ideal for tradies – builders, bricklayers, cleaners, lawnmowing services and more.
  • Trusted Trailer Buddy Guarantee - High-quality, reliable, and easy-to-use backup camera system that supports a wide range of vehicles and travel needs. Every camera is backed by a 30-day guarantee.
  • Wireless Reversing Camera - Designed to attach to the back of your vehicle and send real-time video to your smartphone, the Trailer Buddy makes reversing and attaching a trailer hitch easier, faster, and safer than ever.
  • Adjustable Attachment System - These trailer hitching reverse cameras magnetically adhere to the back of your vehicle and the telescopic arm lets you adjust the angle to ensure you can see the trailer hitch cover the ball, making it ideal for traders and labourers.
  • With Portable and Compact Design - The Trailer Buddy attaches via magnet to the back of your vehicle while you mount your smartphone to your dash acting like a rearview mirror. It also stores away easily so you can use it with trucks, cars, caravans, or pull-behinds.

  • Video resolution: 4K/1080P/960P Optional
  • Video format: MP4
  • Video encoding: AVC1
  • Night vision: Support
  • Frame rate: 14FPS-20FPS (Optional)
  • Sensor: CMOS
  • Storage: Support TF card, up to 128G
  • Battery type: 1500mAh, Polymer lithium battery
  • Recording time: 6 hours continuous recording or up to 45 days standby. Support system iOS, Android
  • Battery charge time: 6 hours
  • Charging voltage: DC-5V/1A
  • The adjustable telescopic arm is 21cm when compacted and 32cm expanded.
  • Download the app on Google Play or on Apple App Store.
  • You may check out the quick start guide here.
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  • Trailer Buddy Reversing Camera System