iPhone 13 Solution for Bury System 9 with Strike Alpha Cradle with Strike Case & Adapter

$159.00 (Including GST) AL-S9 IP13 Cover PCK

At last a solution that allows customers who have already installed a Bury System 9 Base plate to have a phone-specific cradle option for the iPhone 13. This car mounting solution is packaged with 1 x Strike Alpha Bury S9 Adaptor and 1 x Strike Alpha iPhone 13 Car Phone Holder - Cradle Head with Strike Clear Case.

The adaptor allows a user to use a Strike Alpha Cradle with a Bury System 9 base plate. The existing power and antenna connections will be integrated into the cradle. This makes the Strike Alpha Cradles 'Plug and Play' with System 9 base plates. 

Using it is easy! Just connect the Strike Alpha Adaptor to the Strike Alpha Cradle, and click them into the System 9 base plate. No tools required! Truly Plug and Play. 

No longer do you have to wait for a phone-specific cradle that may or may not be manufactured. 

The cradle is designed to be combined with all Bluetooth hands-free car kits of any manufacturer

You can check out and download our Installation Guide here.

The components (adaptor + cradle) in this product are manufactured by Strike.

  • Strike Alpha Bury S9 Adaptor & Strike Alpha Apple iPhone 13 with Strike case Car Cradle are designed and manufactured by Strike
  • Use the S9 adaptor to convert a Bury solution into a Strike Alpha solution
  • Strike Alpha Bury S9 Adaptor can be used with any Strike Alpha Car Cradle
  • With built-in prongs to tidy up excess cables
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  • 1 x Strike Alpha Bury S9 Adaptor
  • 1 x Strike Alpha Apple iPhone 13 Car Cradle Head with Strike Case