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RugGear RG900 Car Cradle

RugGear RG900 Car Cradle


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  • Fast charging with a 3-amp built-in charger
  • Secure & stable RugGear RG900 car mount to keep your safe
  • Sleek and functional design for easy device access
  • Adjustable for versatile mounting position
  • Clutter-free and seamless hard-wired power pack
  • Crash-tested and made from high-quality material
  • Plug ‘N Play with replaceable cradle head component
  • Boosts mobile signal with a reputable antenna
  • 3-Year unlimited KM warranty

Tech Specs

  • Professionally hard-wired for car's electronics
  • Includes DC Charging Cable (Input Voltage: 12/24Vdc)
  • Swivel mount fits all vehicle types
  • SMA connector for an external antenna like Strike B3 Bullbar Aerial
  • Enhance 3G/4G reception with a multi-band passive antenna booster
  • Compatible with 12V and 24V charging systems, voltage spike protection
  • Works with Apple CarPlay, Google Android Auto, and Bluetooth devices
  • Industry-Standard AMPS Pattern for RAM Mounts compatibility
  • Engineered and designed in Australia

Package Contents

  • Strike Alpha Car Cradle
  • Strike AK Swivel Mount & Screw Pack
  • DC Charging Cable Power Pack (Professional Installation)
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Compatible Device

  • RG900
  • The Strike Alpha RG900 Vehicle Tablet Holder has been specifically designed to suit the high-end & rugged RG900 tablet. By pairing your Strike Alpha Ruggear RG900 Cradle with any of Strike’s heavy-duty mounts you can mount your tablet onto almost any surface or vehicle type with ease. Very convenient and is built to withstand tough working conditions. The Strike Alpha Ruggear RG900 has an external antenna connection which can help widen your coverage especially when situated in remote areas during your trips or whenever you are assigned to some fieldwork. This cradle also boasts superior charging of up to 3 amps output so you can access your RG900 for longer hours & maximise the usage of your device.

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