17" Modular Aluminum RAM® Tough-Track™ (RAM-TRACK-EXA-17U)

17" Modular Aluminum RAM® Tough-Track™ (RAM-TRACK-EXA-17U)


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  • Overall Length: 20"
  • Track Thickness: .43"
  • Inside Track Length: 17"
  • Materials: Marine-grade aluminum & high strength composite
  • Weight: 0.42 lbs.
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Package Contents

    Contains 1 x 17" Modular Aluminum RAM® Tough-Track™ (RAM-TRACK-EXA-17U)
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With the RAM Tough-Track™ flat surface mounting possibilities are nearly endless for ATVs, cars, motorboats, tractors, trucks, and more. The extruded aluminium version of the RAM Tough-Track can be drilled into any flat surface and is designed for use with #8 screws for easy installation – hardware not included. Made to be a dependable and rugged mounting solution the anodized aluminium provides a smooth slide across the track and anti-corrosion protection.