RAM® Quick-Draw™ Spring Loaded Holder (RAM-HOL-QD1U)

RAM® Quick-Draw™ Spring Loaded Holder (RAM-HOL-QD1U)


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Extra Info

  • Cognex: DataMan 8050, DataMan 8070, MX-1000, MX-1502
  • Datalogic: Falcon FX3, Falcon X4, Memor 1, Memor 10, Memor 20, PowerScan, Skorpio X3, Skorpio X4, Skorpio X5
  • Honeywell: CK75, Intermec CK3R, Intermec CK3X, Intermec CK70, Intermec CK71, Intermec CN70, Intermec CN70e
  • Janam: XG200, XG4
  • MobileDemand: xTablet A680
  • Motorola: MC9190-G
  • Unitech: PA730
  • Zebra: DS3500 Series, DS3608, LI3608/3678, LS3408, MC2200, MC2700, MC33XX Series, MC3200, MC9190-Z, MC9200, MC9300, MC9400, MT2000

Tech Specs

  • Hardware Included: Assembly Hardware, (4) #10-24 x 5/8" Machine Screws, (4) #10-24 Nylock Nuts
  • Height Range: 2" - 10.75"
  • Max Width: 2.625"
  • Max Depth: 4.25"
  • 4-Hole AMPS: 1.181" x 1.496"
  • Materials: High strength composite
  • Packaging Type: Poly Bag
  • Weight: 0.67 lb
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Package Contents

  • 1 x RAM® Quick-Draw™ Spring Loaded Holder (RAM-HOL-QD1U)
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The RAM Quick-Draw™ Universal Holder accommodates most aftermarket scanner guns, handheld computers, and any other device that fits the dimensions. Adjustable side cups allow for supporting a wide variety of devices, and rugged spring tension makes it suitable for any rugged environment, including forklifts. AMPS hole pattern on the back provides the ability to adapt to any patented RAM Double Ball & Socket Mounting Solution. Backed with a Lifetime Warranty. Included is a set of four nuts and bolts to connect the cradle to any RAM components or mounts that contain the universal AMPS hole pattern.