RAM Socket Arm with 5 Pin Security Knob (RAM-201-S-KEY5U)

RAM Socket Arm with 5 Pin Security Knob (RAM-201-S-KEY5U)


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  • Overall Length: 5.625"
  • Socket-To-Socket Length: 4.5"
  • Material: Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum
  • Ball Size: 1.5" Rubber Ball Size
  • Weight: 0.85 lbs.
  • Note: The "U" in the part number reflects product packaged in poly bag.
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Package Contents

    Contains 1 x RAM Socket Arm with 5 Pin Security Knob (RAM-201-S-KEY5U)
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The RAM-201-S-KEY5U consists of a 1.5" dia. ball compatible STANDARD LENGTH double socket arm and Pin-Lock™ security knob with 5-pin key pattern.

RAM® Pin-Lock™ security solutions are designed to withstand the harshest environments where RAM® Mounts are commonly used. With an emphasis on aesthetics and function RAM® security nuts/knobs are low profile and only add a small amount of additional bulk to your system when compared to the standard knob included. At a fraction of the cost of currently available keyed locking knobs the additional peace of mind and tamper resistance comes at a very affordable price.