ClicOn No Holes Angled Mount for Volkswagen Touareg (19-23)

ClicOn No Holes Angled Mount for Volkswagen Touareg (19-23)

ACC-DM 655424

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  • This ClicOn Volkswagen Touareg Dash Mount allows the user to install a car phone holder and cradle to their dashboard without the need to drill holes.
  • This angled mount is car-specific for a secure and perfect fit.
  • Can be used with the full range of Strike Alpha Car Cradles & Holders.
  • Compatibility: Volkswagen Touareg Year(s):19-23

Package Contents

  • 1 x Vehicle Specific Dash Mount

Installation Guide

  1. Place the ClicOn over the centre console frame.
  2. Adjust the position of the ClicOn so the angled left edge is placed by the gap in the centre console sidewall.
  3. Tighten the screws on the left side on the ClicOn so it is properly and firmly in place.
  4. The ClicOn is in place.

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The ClicOn No Holes Angled Mount for Volkswagen Touareg (19-23) offers a convenient solution for installing a car phone holder in your vehicle without the need for drilling holes in your dashboard. Specifically designed for the Volkswagen Touareg 19-23, this mount keeps your interior damage-free whilst providing a secure and accessible location for mounting your device. Additionally, the Volkswagen Touareg ClicOn Angled Dash Mount features pre-drilled AMPS pattern holes, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of device holders and accessories.

Fits: Volkswagen Touareg Year(s):19-23