CollectionTHB Bury System 9  & Strike Alpha Cradle Solution

Do you have a Bury System 9? No problem! Strike introduces a solution that allows customers who have already installed a Bury System 9 Base plate to have a phone-specific cradle option for their device - the THB Bury System 9 & Strike Alpha Cradle Solution! This efficient car cradle solution comes with a Strike Alpha Bury S9 Adaptor and a Strike Alpha device-specific Car Cradle.

Strike Alpha Adaptor for System 9 allows a user to connect a Strike Alpha cradle to a Bury System 9 base plate without changing the power supply and antenna connections. The adaptor allows Strike Alpha Car Cradles 'plug and play' to attach to the System 9 base plates. Antenna connection and power supply are integrated into the cradle. Simply connect the Strike Alpha Adaptor to the Strike Alpha Car Cradle and click them into the System 9 base plate. No tools required, all is plug and play.

These THB Bury System 9 paired with Strike Alpha car cradles are device-specific for the best fit and offer charging plus antenna connection facilities. This solution is also compatible with any Bluetooth car kit. You can connect your phone directly and answer calls hands-free. You can even play your favourite tunes. The THB Bury System 9 and Alpha car cradle solution will hold your phone securely as your drive. No need to worry about distractions, this Bury System 9 solution is super convenient.

Strike Alpha Cradles are innovative phone holders that are intelligently designed to deliver great handsfree functionality and minimise driver distraction. Our car mounts are fully compliant with Australian road laws, and with a 3-year unlimited KM warranty, they're also built for Aussie conditions. The UNI System 9 universal hands-free car kits also guarantee the greatest possible level of flexibility for mobile communications.

THB Bury System 9 & Alpha Cradle Solution from Strike has a wide selection of variants for many brands. We have cradle solution options for Apple iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, and other phone models, as well as models from Telstra and Motorola. Purchase yours now!