CollectionSamsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro Holders

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro car holders and mounts from Strike! These Strike Alpha Samsung Tab Active Pro Car Tablet Holder will hold your device securely & firmly even in tough working conditions. AVAILABLE NOW!

Strike Alpha Cradles for Samsung Tab Active Pro allows easy access to your tablets whilst travelling. It has fast charging features to ensure that your tablet device is always up and ready for entertainment or mission-critical activities. They also have a passive SMA connector feature that allows you to boost your mobile signal wherever you are once connected to an external antenna.

You can run your most important mission-critical enterprise applications, charge your device, and travel from one place to another simultaneously. Enterprise users can now access various & high load applications with their Samsung Tab Active Pro simultaneously, without worrying about battery drain. Download Strike's enterprise mobility case study for more information here. Watch Strike's Tab Active Pro vehicle mount power road test below:

The Tab Active Pro car dock is built with advanced technology by Strike's own Electrical Engineers. They designed the DC / DC converter to OEM Automotive manufacturing standards - with voltage spike protection, and no EMI Electromagnetic Interference.

The installation process is extremely easy. There's an option between a professionally installed version or DIY (do-it-yourself) version. Simply mount it to your car's windshield and you will be able to protect, charge, and secure your phone as you drive. Strike also offers vehicle mounting solutions for enterprise mobility devices, like the Samsung Tab Active Pro, suitable for almost all working environments such as Retail, Transport & Logistics, Utilities, Field Mobility, Cross-Industry, Federal Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Human Services, & Public Safety.

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