CollectionSamsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Car Mounts

Introducing the Strike Alpha Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Car Phone Holders! The Samsung S22 Ultra car phone cradles are built tough and durable to withstand up to 25g of crash. These car mounts are designed to minimise driver distraction and deliver greater functionality anywhere you go.

Specifically designed to suit your needs, each Samsung S22 Ultra phone holder comes in two versions, either professionally installed or Do-it-Yourself (DIY). The professionally installed car holder come with a swivel mount and the DIY phone cradles come with a windscreen mount.

The Strike Alpha Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra car mounts have built-in fast charger, which ensures safe and fast power up of your S22 Ultra. The Samsung S22 Ultra phone cradle features a built-in 12/24 volt charging system with voltage spike protection. Once mounted onto the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra car phone holder, you are able now to use your favourite GPS applications, talk to a friend longer, or access your music playlist whilst on the road without worrying about battery drain.

All of our Strike Alpha Car phone holders are fully compliant with Australian road laws; you are able to use your mobile devices while keeping your hands free, thus minimises driver distraction. The unique pass through connection allows you to connect the Galaxy S22 Ultra car phone holders with another device such as Bluetooth car kits, entertainment system, and personal computers.

Each Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra mobile holder comes with an internal passive antenna that is specifically incorporated to boost cellular signal once connected with a reputable external car aerial. Check out our high performing mobile phone antennas here.

Purchase a Strike Alpha Samsung S22 Ultra Car Phone Holder and maximise your phone usage whilst driving hands-free!