CollectionSamsung Galaxy S10 Plus Car Mounts

Announcing Strike's newest phone holders for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, Samsung's latest big size flagship phone!

Strike Group Australia prides itself to always be among the firsts to bring top quality vehicle phone holders in the market for the latest smartphones released. Strike has designed and created a selection of car mobile phone holders that is specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Strike Alpha Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Phone Holders securely hold your Samsung S10 Plus in your vehicles even on uneven roads. These Samsung S10 Plus car mounts come with built in fast chargers for efficient charging. Each Strike Alpha car phone holder comes with a built-in passive SMA connector that allows users to boost mobile signal by connecting the car mount to a reputable external antenna like the Strike B2 Antenna.

Strike Alpha Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus holders give users an enhanced driving experience. These Samsung S10 Plus car cradles gives you a safe and convenient access to your Samsung phone that let's you keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. Enjoy your music, apps, and maps without distractions from driving.

These Samsung car phone holders is pass through compatible. You can connect your mounted Samsung S10 Plus with your Bluetooth, entertainment or computer system seamlessly whilst mounted on the cradle.

The Strike Alpha Car phone holders has two versions - Pro Installed and DIY. The cradles also come in a secure wireless charging versions. Package contents differ depending on what you prefer.

Check out our selection of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus car phone holders and find the one that best suits you. We also have cradles for other brands of phones and tablets.