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Strike Tracking with Advanced On Board Diagnostics (OBD)

  • Produces basic Reports of vehicle activity
  • Monitors locations of vehicles and basic vehicle parameters
  • $495.00 RRP
  • $30.00/month on-going cost.
  • Product code: GPS-STK OBD

  • Advanced GPS Tracker with 4G LTE Technology

  • 4G LTE (CAT.1), 3G or 2G fallback compatible
  • Supports standard OBDII/J1939/J1708 protocols, making it suitable for passenger vehicles as well as heavy duty trucks.
  • Optionally supports WIFI hotspot and Bluetooth for in-vehicle display, mobile APP connection or beacon detection in order to achieve applications such as driver authorization, valuable asset monitoring, etc.
  • Built-in configurable buzzer that can sound an alert to the driver based on detected events such as speeding, idling, exiting/entering a geofence, or harsh acceleration/braking/cornering.
  • 64 user defined geo-fences (circular, rectangular and polygonal shapes)
  • Built-in GPS+GLONASS antenna with a reserved SMA connector for external antenna if needed. Automatic switch between internal and external GPS+GLONASS antenna
  • $438.90 RRP
  • $30.00/month on-going cost
  • Product code: GPS-STK INSTALLED 2

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