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More than innovative products, Strike goes beyond to deliver the most comprehensive and cost-effective RAM Mount solutions for phones, tablets, cameras, GPS, motorcycles, plus many more. These RAM Mounts are made of highest-grade aluminum with a powder-coated finish, stainless steel hardware, and rubber balls. These solutions provide your business with a seamless interface that aid in increasing work efficiency.

Strike strives to provide the best quality mounting solution for various enterprise industries, including Agriculture, Transportation, Warehousing, Public Safety, Logistics, Marine, Field Service, and more. RAM Mounts brings rugged solutions to your mounting needs with their diverse product lines including GDS® Technology™ (IntelliSkin® and the wide range of the GDS® Ecosystem™), RAM® X-Grip®, RAM® Tab-Lock™, RAM Tough-Claw™ and more.

RAM Mounts provides mounting solutions for nearly every device in the market. From smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, printers, GPS systems, radios, marine electronics, and more. Its product line is engineered through an interchangeable ball and socket system for easy installation. With this innovation, your mounting solution can easily be adjusted according to your needs from over 5,000 modular components.

RAM Mounts offers a comprehensive range of cradles for smartphone and tablet devices. Its RAM X-Grip® Phone and Tablet Holders are compatible with almost all known brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Google, and many more. RAM X-Grip® is also compatible with the following tablet devices like Panasonic, Dell, Google, Lenovo, Microsoft, and more.

If you opt for a more secure fit on your tablet device, you can utilize the RAM Tab-Tite and RAM Tab-Lock product line. RAM Tab-Tite holders keep your tablet device protected from harsh environments. RAM Tab-Title Cradles and Tab-Lock Holders are spring-loaded and feature quick-release mechanisms. The RAM Tab-Lock Holder, however, has an additional patented locking mechanism to secure your device further. These tablet cradles are suitable for enterprise devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung Tab Active2.

RAM GPS mounts are also available here. RAM GPS holders are compatible with most top GPS brands in the market, including Lowrance, Magellan, TomTom, Garmin, and Humminbird. RAM Mounts has a wide range of options for you to mount your GPS device on your bicycle, motorcycle, kayak, or any vehicle.

RAM Mounts also offers Fishfinder and GoPro mounts. You can utilize the RAM Tough-Track mount to easily install more than one device on your boat, kayak, or vehicle if it's placed on a flat surface. RAM Fishfinder and GoPro mounts can also be installed by using a RAM drill-down base.

For a rugged laptop solution, we also have the RAM No-Drill mount and RAM Tough Tray Cradle. You can ensure that your 10" to 16" laptop will be securely held and protected once mounted with a RAM Tough Tray Cradle. You can opt to have it installed in your vehicle with a RAM No-Drill Mount. You can check RAM's assembly guide for a step-by-step process in installing the No-Drill Mount in your vehicle.

Additionally, every RAM cradle comes with lifetime warranty!

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