April 14, 2015 Strike Cradles: Crash Test Certified

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Strike phone and tablet holders car crash test certified

BRISBANE, Apr. 14, 2015 – Responsible drivers avoid being distracted behind the wheel in order to make sure they are safe whilst on the road. However, most of them do not realise that life threatening projectiles can be found inside their own car. An article was published by National Roads and Motorists’ Association (NRMA) explaining how unsecured small objects inside one’s vehicle can be very dangerous.

A report was also shared by ABC News about the case of the Jacksons who were involved in a car crash. The family’s one-year old child was hit by a mobile phone inside their own vehicle which led to the child spending 10 days in intensive care.

Strike, a company that offers hands-free tech devices for in-car usage, underwent crash testing for their products. The Strike Alpha Tablet Holder was loaded with mass of 494.1g in the form of Samsung Galaxy Tab Active. Meanwhile, 272.4g of mass with dimensions of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was loaded to the Strike Alpha Phone Holder. Note that this mass represents a ‘worst case’ test condition as a typical ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 3’ has a mass of less than 200g. The test samples were mounted to the test sled using a dedicated rigid fixture. These were subjected to one forward and one rearward dynamic impact sled test with peak acceleration of more than 25g.

Both holders were observed and no permanent deformations that would increase the risk of injury were found. Also, no breakage, rupture, or loss of integrity of any kind was observed. The test masses were retained by both the tablet and phone holders and no parts became detached.

According to Strike CEO Chris Ryan, “We want to make sure that our customers feel secure and safe whilst using our Alpha Cradles when travelling. Although getting involved in a car accident is the last thing we want our clients to experience, this report will show how safe our products are even at times of a severe crash. Not to mention that our products also now comply with the national standards for vehicle safety Australian Design Rules (ADR).”

Since the company sells in-car accessories, the successful outcome of the crash test will further reassure the public of how safe and convenient it is to put their phone and tablet in Strike Alpha Cradle products.

Ryan also mentioned that the production of high-quality and safe hands-free tech products for enterprise use helps companies in managing risks in the workplace, in adherence with the Australian OH&S policies.

You may view the crash test videos here. More so, a copy of the independent test report is available upon request.


NRMA article here: https://www.mynrma.com.au/motoring-services/road-safety/weapons.htm

ABC News report here: https://abcnews.go.com/GMA/story?id=128062.

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