Strike, who has been a road-safety advocate since inception have taken a step in showing how safe and convenient it is for users and their phones and tablets when placed in Strike's phone holders. 

In this video, Strike underwent a series of crash tests on their vehicle cradles. The result shows that after one forward and one backward dynamic impact with peak acceleration of more than 25g, the phone holders remained intact, secured and with no visible damage. You can also see how Strike's phone holder withstood the impact using a dummy phone and a tablet with a mass of 272.4g and 494.1g in the form of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy Tab Active respectively. This was then mounted to the test sled using a dedicated rigid fixture. Additionally, this video shows how intact Strike Alpha Cradles are during a car crash test.

To view Strike's massive range of car cradles, phone holders, vehicle mounts, and hands-free car kits you can check it here  Strike, who has been the leading provider of Car Cradles, Phone Holders, Bluetooth car kits, and Car accessories had created this video to raise an awareness on the dangers of projectiles like mobile phones, and tablets that can be found inside your vehicle.