December 8, 2015 - Strike Group releases agriculture mounts

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Strike Group releases agriculture mounts for tablets and smartphones

BRISBANE, December 7, 2015 – Emerging digital technologies such as smartphones and tablets are now being used by the majority of farmers to gather timely and relevant information.

Mobile and tablet applications have been developed to help farmers improve productivity and efficiency in the field. These apps are useful for farm planning, performing field calculations and monitoring weather forecasts.

According to the Department of Primary Industries (DPI), more than 90% of the agricultural workforce has broadband access and are using the internet to access agricultural related websites & applications.

Brisbane based Strike Group have released heavy duty Mobile Phone and Tablet mounting solutions specifically designed to suit agricultural environments. .

Partnering these mounts with a Strike Alpha Cradle provides a complete solution that can be mounted in any vehicle or attached to agricultural equipment. The mounts also allow tablets to be protected in rugged waterproof devices such as an Otterbox case, making them perfect for environments where they could be exposed to water and dust.

Additionally, Strike Antennas can be paired with the range of cradles to help improve mobile network coverage in many rural areas.

An optional lock can be added to Strike’s tablet specific and universal holders to provide additional security from theft and tampering.

“The future of hands-free technology in the agricultural sector has just been unveiled,” said Chris Ryan, CEO of Strike Group. "The company has just introduced mounts which are specifically designed to fit almost all working environments. The latest range of mounts are versatile, flexible and reliable. They mount onto almost any surface with ease and have adjustable components for superior viewing to help users angle their device perfectly depending on their preference."

Seven Agriculture Rugged Mounts

  1. Strike HD Pedestal Mount– features a 6.5’’ arm can be drilled onto any flat surfaces such as tables, walls and workbenches enabling you to access your device with ease.
  1. Strike HD Arm Mount–with 4-hole drill and features a 22” adjustable arm with 2 ball & socket joints for limitless positioning options.
  1. Strike HD Pedestal Mount with 10’’ Adjustable Arm and Drill Base– features a 10’’ adjustable arm so user can angle their device depending on their preferred viewing position.
  1. Strike HD Gooseneck Mount– features a 22’’ flexible gooseneck for maximum coverage which allows user to navigate their tablet or phone conveniently.
  1. Strike HD Bar Mount– This mount can fit up to 33mm in diameter and can be adjusted to any cylindrical bars.
  1. Strike HD Pedestal Mount with 10’’ Adjustable Arm and C-Clamp Base– clamps onto almost any surface easily without screws which allow seamless and easy installation.
  1. Strike HD Pivot Mount– can sit securely onto countertops or desks and allows full 360 degrees rotation for portrait to landscape viewing.

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Image packs of agriculture mounts are available upon request.

You can download the pdf version of this media release here.


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