Agriculture Mounts

Using advanced technology for field positioning via GPS and advanced mapping is vital in the role of agriculture. Strike cradle solutions are designed rugged for farmers and workers in the agricultural sector, so their devices sit firmly in place as they carry tasks in the agricultural field. With our vehicle mounts, you can carry or mount your tablet in various ATVs, tractors, and trucks.

Strike Steel Mounting Bracket + RAM Ball Mount with Round Base

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  • Strike Steel Tablet Mounting Bracket + RAM 1" Ball Mount with 2/2.5" Round Base is the complete tablet mounting solution for the toughest environments.
  • Highly recommended for use with industrial vehicles
  • Tested to hold tablets securely & withstand rough conditions
$66.00 (Including GST)

RAM 1" Ball Mount with 2/2.5" Round Bases (RAM-B-101U)

No Badge
  • Drill-down mounting solution
$45.00 (Including GST)

RAM B Size 1" Ball Long Socket Arm (RAM-B-101U-C)

No Badge
  • Drill-down mounting solution
  • $57.00 (Including GST)

    RAM Twist Lock Suction Cup with Socket Arm & Adapter (RAM-B-166-202U)

    No Badge
  • RAM Twist-Lock suction cup base is ideal for vehicle windshields
  • $63.00 (Including GST)

    RAM POD 18 No Drill™ Vehicle Mount (RAM-B-316-1-202U)

    No Badge
  • RAM Vehicle Mount
  • $68.00 (Including GST)

    RAM Universal No Drill™ POD HD Vehicle Mount (RAM-316-HDR-202U)

    No Badge
    • RAM Universal No Drill™ POD HD Vehicle Mount
    • Low profile, low cost and extremely robust
    • Angle adjustment feature to compensate for varying floorboard angles
    $294.00 (Including GST)

    RAM Large Tough-Claw™ Base with Arm Base & Adapter (RAP-401-202U)

    No Badge
    • RAM Large Tough-Claw™ Base with Arm Base & Adapter
    $157.00 (Including GST)

    RAM® Pod HD™ Reverse Vehicle Mount with 18" Aluminum Rod and Round Plate (RAM-316-HDR-18-202U)

    No Badge
    • RAM Vehicle Mount
    • Compatible with a wide range of vehicles
    • Ideal mounting solution for tablets, small laptops & similar devices
    $312.00 (Including GST)

    Strike Steel Tablet Mounting Bracket

    • Strike Steel Tablet Mounting Bracket is a mounting solution created specifically to help you mount your tablets almost anywhere
    • Can withstand even the toughest conditions
    • Compatible with any of the Strike Alpha Tablet Holders
    $30.60 (Including GST)


    Heavy duty Agriculture mounts from Strike offer tough & reliable mounting solutions for farmers to help them safely & securely mount their tablets, iPad, phones and other devices onto almost any surface or agricultural vehicle types. Ruggedized tablets play a greater role now in agriculture especially with the rise of precision agriculture, which requires the use of advanced technology for precise field positioning via GPS, advanced mapping showing not only geography but also a variety of environmental components that may influence crop selection & management. Farmers should be able to easily carry or mount their tablet on various types of ATVs.

    As a response, Strike has developed a wide selection of device-specific holders for the agricultural industry like Samsung’s latest heavy-duty smart device: the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2. The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 vehicle mount from Strike ensures that the device will sit firmly in place while you work in tough conditions and environments. You can mount the Galaxy Tab Active 2 onto your tractor with the full knowledge that your device will be protected at all times. You may view our Tab Active 2 holder selections here.

    Strike Agricultural Mounts will be able to aid farmers to conveniently access their device with ease without interfering with equipment operation. These mounts are built & designed to protect phones, tablets or even phablets from tough environmental conditions out in the field. Users can easily attach or remove their mobile device off these agricultural mounts depending on their needs. Reliable, durable & very safe to use.

    Farming mounts from Strike work well with Strike Alpha Cradles which hold, protect & even charge any devices safely whilst allowing users to gain access to farming applications through their iPad or tablets. Strike has a wide selection of phone or tablet specific holders and also universal cradle solutions fit for your farming requirements.

    You can also check out our RAM Mount solutions for comprehensive and cost-effective mounts that can be used for phonestabletsGPSvehicles plus many more. RAM Mounts help you get the most out of your devices for an extensive range of applications including rugged vehicle, transportation, military and defense, and material handling.