Why Do You Need Antennas and Patch Leads?

Cellular reception is essential for everyday business. What you do with a phone now is not like before, where we only use it to send and receive messages and calls. Now, you can use your phone for team mobile conferencing, sending large files, storing data in the cloud, and more. Getting a good signal is important for those working on the go. Unstable signals can impede your productivity, especially if you need to make calls or send updates and files to your team in real-time.

Here’s a smart guide on why you need antennas and patch leads.
What is a patch lead? A patch lead is what you need to connect your phone to an external antenna or broadband modem. One end of the patch lead adapter cable connects to the phone or wireless broadband modem, and the other end connects to the external antenna.

Why do you need a mobile phone aerial? To improve your cellular reception in low-signal and rural areas, you would need to connect your phone with an antenna. A phone antenna boosts your signal by transmitting and receiving a signal from a cellular tower. For an antenna to boost your signal, a reception or cell tower should be in the area as well. An antenna does not invent a signal if there is no mobile signal in the area in the first place.

Patch leads and antennas are useful for home as well. Factors that affect your cellular reception can vary from geography, your environment, network congestion, obstructions, and more. So, if you’re not getting a good reception from home, then you can use a patch lead and antenna to improve your signal. Strike also offers Signal Booster Antenna and Patch Lead Value Packs so you can get the most from your mobile broadband device and boost mobile coverage at home. These value packs boost signal for mobile broadbands including Telstra Netgear Nighthawk M1 (MR1100), Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced III (Netgear AirCard 810s) and Optus 4G LTE WiFi Router (Huawei E5186). Check out our Antenna Guide here and find out everything you need to know about signal boosting.

Strike offers the best quality for patch leads and car phone antennas. Strike’s line of mobile phone aerials is suitable, including Next G, 3G, GSM, with select antennas compatible with 4G networks. A patch lead and car phone antenna would go a long way, especially if you need to travel in rural areas and will need good reception.

Strike B2 7dBi Heavy Duty Bullbar Mount Antenna- Black

We recommend the Strike B2 Bullbar Mount to boost your mobile signal. With the Strike Bullbar Mount Antenna, you can get up to 7.0dBi gain in your mobile signal. It’s made of high-quality and covers all Australian networks. You can view our list of antennas here.

Rocket ZTE Tough 2 T54,T90,256 TLS:T6,T7,T8,T203,F165i,T85 Patch Lead for Connection to Antenna

Strike offers patch leads for mobile phones and several mobile broadband devices, including Telstra. You can view our available patch leads through this link.

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