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Driving the bus at a busy road is proven difficult and there are times when reverse maneuvering must be done with ease. Keep in mind that the taller and longer the vehicle, the bigger their blind spot. Blind spots are mainly located at the front, rear, and sides of a vehicle. Thus, bus drivers need to be extra careful when backing in the driveway.

Blind Spots of a City Bus
Photo taken from: https://saaq.gouv.qc.ca/en/road-safety/behaviours/blind-spots/visibility-around-heavy-vehicles/

Why Install Reversing Cameras?

Vehicles in the transport services industry should invest in the installation of reversing cameras and sensors. No matter the gravity of an accident that may occur, whether it be minor or grave, truck and bus drivers must consider the safety of passengers and pedestrians when they are on the road. Here’s a bulleted list on why reversing cameras and sensors should be installed:

  • Monitor blind spots precisely
  • Allow drivers to maneuver their vehicle better
  • Prevent minor and major accidents

Strike Reversing Cameras and Monitors

Buses and trucks aren’t the only vehicles that need reverse cameras and sensors. Backing out of the driveway, parking, or pulling out from a curb should be done with safety. Reverse cameras and sensors also put any driver’s minds at ease because these prevent minor accidents from occurring. Reversing is one of the most common dilemmas among drivers, from potentially damaging the vehicle or potentially damaging an individual.

Strike aims to give every driver – from buses, trucks, minivans, caravans, and regular cars, the positive and safe driving experience that they deserve. Strike offers a variety of camera and monitor bundles available depending on the type of vehicle. 5” and 7” inch monitors, as well as reversing sensors are also available.

Left: Strike Tough 5" Monitor and Single HD Camera Bundle suitable for Trucks and Large Vehicles
Right: Strike 4.3" RVM-Clip on Monitor and Butterfly CMOS Camera Bundle

All Strike Reversing Cameras, Monitors, and Sensors are IP67 certified – the drivers will have a clear view while backing even when it’s raining or if the camera gets wet. Strike cameras also allow a 180-degree viewing angle for a wider viewpoint. Strike cameras can also be installed in any position. Reversing has never been easier!

Our full range of reversing cameras and sensors can be viewed here. Strike Cameras, Monitors, and Sensors can be purchased individually or by bundles. Just click through the links!

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