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Reversing Cameras and Monitors

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Road deaths happen often, are increasing. According to data gathered by the Government, the number of road deaths have increased 6.5% compared to last year. Reversing accidents are the second greatest cause of accidental child fatalities in Australia. That is why there has been governmental initiative to mandate reversing cameras and monitors.

Strike has a wide variety of reversing cameras and monitors to choose from in order to suit your everyday driving needs. These cameras offer crisp clear pictures of what is behind you, as well as remarkable safety.

We also have LCD Monitors, automatically dimming rear view mirror monitors, and auto dimming rear view mirror monitor mounts and brackets.

Wireless reversing camera system for trailer is also available for safe and easy reversing of your vehicle and hook up of your trailer.

Our Strike Reversing Sensors are remarkably popular. These stylish and effective reverse sensors are low cost, and can be easily fitted on your vehicle without cutting or soldering. Check out our highly reliably reversing sensors (they come in two colours black and chrome).

You may also download Strike's Reversing Cameras & Sensors product sheet here.