The Strike Puck Stand

The Strike Puck Stand is Strike Group’s latest mobile phone/tablet accessory. We designed it so that it can hold your smartphone, tablet, phablet, e-readers, and many other tech devices gently in place and without a hassle.

Manufactured with premium silicon material and a weighted base for maximum stability, the Strike Puck Stand manages to feature a sturdy design while being compact in size. It’s about the size of your palm.

This means you can easily carry the phone stand with you on your business or leisure travels. You can even use it in your office, in your kitchen, or on a plane.

For example, you can’t hold your phone or tablet all the time while you’re cooking. Sure, you could lean it against a wall or something but if your phone doesn’t have a rubber case it will just slip back to its sad flat state. Not to mention, it also strains your eyes and neck.

So, why not try the Strike Puck Stand?

Strike’s new mobile device stand will hold your device up while you’re cooking, working, researching, or exercising. It practically works anywhere – except while you’re moving around with your device, of course. Simply place your phone or tablet in the stand and you’re able to have an extra hand to do whatever you want.

Furthermore, the technology used in the small televisions on the back of planes still suffer from lots of lag. Sometimes, you might even get a faulty television screen, which means you’ll have to spend the rest of the flight side-eyeing your neighbour’s screen.

That’s why the Strike Puck Stand is your perfect companion for short and long-haul flights.

The Puck Stand is incredibly versatile; it has a two-step groove that supports three viewing angles: upright, tilted and slanted. And of course, the Strike Puck stand supports both landscape and portrait orientations.

Djuro Sen (@djurosen), 7 News Technology Editor, called it the ‘best low-tech [he’s] ever seen.’

‘It’s so good at just sitting your phone in any way you want without an in-built kickstand.’

In a society that’s growing more and more dependent on technology, sometimes we forget the simple things like utility and comfort.

The Strike Puck Stand isn’t just an accessory; it’s a necessity.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yours today!

Strike Group prides itself in innovation and meeting the demands of their clients. It looks forward developing further ways to seamlessly connect customers with the tech world.

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