Strike Enterprise Hacks for Tough Environments

We’re at an era where electronic manufacturers strive to provide constant solutions to our everyday dilemmas, thus causing a surge in technology. Companies are now transitioning from paper to digital with the help of mobile and tablet devices. We’ve seen the transition occur with the ELD mandate to mobile/tablet solutions replacing POS systems. Mobile solutions provide the flexibility that industries need with real-time data tracking and management.

Strike adapts to these needs of various industries such as warehouse and manufacturing, logistics, field operations and public safety. Mobile electronics that are now being used in industries always need added protection and the best quality mounting system.

Strike Solution for Industries

Strike Steel Tablet Mounting Bracket

Enterprise Hack #1: Strike Alpha Phone and Tablet Holders

Strike Alpha Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 Tablet Cradle

An in-demand rugged device in the industry is the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2. For several companies, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 serves as core equipment in their warehouse and logistics process while the Strike Alpha Tablet Cradle acts as a support to secure your rugged device with added protection. With the Strike Alpha Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 Tablet Holder you can ensure that your device is safely secured and able to withstand the harsh environment of your industry. Plus, it’s designed to withstand up to 25g in crash standards.

Additionally, the Strike Alpha Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 Tablet Mount can power your tablet by up to 3 amps with its POGO charging capabilities thus, eliminating the need to constantly slide in and remove your device when charging is needed.

If the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 is not your enterprise device, you can view more Strike tablet cradles and phone cradles available with these links.

Enterprise Hack #2: Strike Cradle Mounts (Steel Mounting Bracket)

Strike Steel Mounting Bracket + RAM Ball Mount with Round Base

The combination of our Strike Alpha Phone Holders and Strike Steel Mounting Bracket offers the potential for industries to meet their daily productivity and deliver seamless workflows better. The Strike Steel Mounting Bracket is designed with the universal AMPS pattern and VESA pattern – giving your Strike Phone and Tablet Cradle several mounting options.

Provide your workforce with enterprise-grade security when you mount your Strike Alpha Cradle with the Strike Steel Mounting Bracket. The Strike Steel Mounting Bracket gives a more secure hold on the Strike Alpha Cradle to ensure that your device does not waver once mounted on delicate locations. You can also easily mount your device on any flat surface by connecting the Steel Bracket with a drill-down mount.

The Strike Steel Mounting Bracket is available for our tablet landscape cradles and certain portrait cradles. Kindly message [email protected] for compatible device information.

Check out this video of the Steel Tablet Bracket!

Try it out now! Mount your tablet device on forklifts, payloaders, and other industrial vehicles with the Strike Alpha Cradle and Strike Steel Mounting Bracket.

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