RAM of the Month: Drive Safely with these RAM Unit Holders

Safety is a top priority when driving. Whether you are using your mobile phones or tablets, it is best to have a phone holder to keep your focus on the road; and your device safely mounted.

RAM Mounts has built its reputation for quality products and is the leading manufacturer of rugged mounting solutions for different applications and devices – including mobile phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, GPS systems, and many more.

Have you been thinking about which RAM Unit Holder is best for your need? Here are some recommended unit holders available from RAM Mounts to protect and secure your device.


Top: X-Grip Mount RAM-HOL-UN7BU
Bottom: X-Grip Tablet Holder RAM-B-166-UN8

The RAM Mount X-Grip is the most popular unit holder for its ease of usage and flexibility to expand and contract. It ensures that it fits any device with or without a case. This unit holder has a clean, ingenious four-leg design for protection, security, and stability with its tight grip yet can easily adjust. RAM Mounts X-Grip is available for mobile phones and tablets, with its size range from 7” to 12”.

A frequently asked question: “When do I need to use a tether?” The X-Grip Tether is recommended for open cockpit and extreme environments such as driving on a bumpy road, biking on a rough trail, or driving at high speed because it provides further stability and protection to your device.

RAM Level Cup

This RAM Level Cup is a self-leveling drink holder that can be your travel buddy suitable for several vehicles, including motorcycles. It secures any of your favourite cups, cans, bottles, or mugs wherever you go. Upon purchase of cup drink holder, included is a drink koozie.

RAM® Tough-Wedge™ for Phones and Tablets

You can ease obstruction from your air vent, dashboard, or windshield with RAM Tough-Wedge where it is designed to fit in that space between your centre console and passenger seat. You can also use the Tough-Wedge for back-seat applications, especially if you have kids on the ride, so you can focus on the road and keep you all safe.

RAM Mounts provide everything you need to keep your device secure whilst keeping it completely functional and accessible, whether you’re driving a car, bicycle, motorcycle, etc.

A wide range of RAM mounts are available, you can check them here. You can also see our top solutions here for base, arm, and cradle options.
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