Protecting Your Investment: Strike Rugged Cases and Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5

Written by: Strike Group Australia



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Strike Rugged Case with Hand Strap and Lanyard for Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5 

For versatility and reliability, look no further than the Strike Rugged Case with hand strap and lanyard for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5. With dual-layer protection, this case shields your device from dust, dirt, shock, scratches, and dents, ensuring uninterrupted performance in any setting.

Featuring a convenient kickstand for horizontal or vertical viewing and a secure hand strap to prevent accidental drops, this rugged case for Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5 is designed to meet the demands of modern professionals. The detachable shoulder strap, complete with a soft pad, allows for comfortable hands-free carrying, whether in the office or on the move.

Strike Protector Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5 

The Strike Protector Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5 is your ultimate defence against the daily rigours of corporate mobility. Engineered with triple-layered protection, the Tab Active 5 case shields your device from drops, shocks, tumbles, and scratches, preserving its pristine condition. The built-in screen protector ensures comprehensive 360-degree coverage, safeguarding your tablet's display from damage.

Designed for on-the-go professionals, the case features a detachable shoulder strap with a soft pad for comfortable carrying. Whether navigating bustling office corridors or venturing into the field, this heavy-duty case provides peace of mind and maximum security for your Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5. Plus, with its built-in kickstand and adjustable hand strap, you can enjoy hands-free viewing and a secure grip on your device.

Strike Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5 

Maintain the flawless display of your Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5 with the Strike Tempered Glass Screen Protector. Engineered for durability and clarity, this Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5 screen protector offers enhanced touch sensitivity and effortless installation, providing a seamless user experience.

Say goodbye to scratches, scrapes, and smudges with this robust accessory, ensuring your device remains protected against everyday wear and tear. Enhance your device's durability and longevity with the Strike's Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5  Tempered Glass Screen Protector, the perfect complement to your rugged case.

Strike Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5 Bag 

Complete your mobile arsenal with the Strike Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5 Bag, designed to provide maximum security and accessibility on the go. Featuring a padded interior, detachable shoulder strap, and easy-grip handle, this bag offers unparalleled protection against spills, dust, drops, bumps, and scratches.

Whether you prefer to carry it as a sling bag, messenger bag, or briefcase, this versatile Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5 accessory ensures your device remains safe and within reach at all times. From busy professionals to frequent travellers, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5 Bag is the ultimate companion for those who demand functionality and style.

In conclusion, safeguarding your investment in mobile technology is crucial for sustained productivity and efficiency in today's corporate landscape. With Strike's rugged cases and screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5, you can rest assured that your devices are protected against the uncertainties of daily use. Choose Strike for unparalleled durability, reliability, and peace of mind, and improve your mobile experience to new heights.

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