New Queensland Driving and Mobile Phone Rules

You may have heard that Queensland recently rolled out its road cameras. They caught hundreds of motorists using their mobile phones whilst on the road. A total of 417 drivers were given warning notices: a combination of drivers using mobile phones and not wearing a seatbelt.

What’s the Queensland government’s rules for mobile phones whilst on the road? Here’s a guide so you can avoid fines and demerits and drive safer.

It’s illegal to have your phone in your hand or resting on any part of your body, including your lap. It applies even when stopped in traffic. There are also additional restrictions for Learner and P1 licence drivers under 25. You are not allowed to use the hands-free functionality of your phone, which includes wireless headsets and loudspeaker functions. You are not allowed to touch, look, or operate your phone using voice. Passengers for Learner and P1 drivers are also prohibited from using a mobile phone’s loudspeaker function.

When Can You Use Your Mobile Phone?

You can hold your phone safely while stopped for the following:
  • pay for goods and services, for example, at a drive-through
  • gain access to or from a road-related area, such as a car park
  • present a digital driver licence or another document to police when asked
  • get a card or money out of a phone wallet for the previously listed purposes
Open and P2 licence drivers are allowed hands-free use of their mobile phones, such as when docked in a cradle. Hands-free functionality includes receiving a call, navigation apps, skipping a song, or accept/finish a trip as a rideshare driver. Docking your device in a car phone holder is okay as long as it does not obscure your view of the road.

Open and P2 licence holders can also use their phone hands-free if it’s in their pocket, clothing, or pouch with voice activation.

Queensland Penalties

You can be fined up to $1,033 and have 4 demerit points for using your mobile phone illegally. Double demerit points are applied for subsequent mobile phone offences committed within 1 year after the same offence.

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