New Apple iPad Devices for 2021

We’ve seen Apple recently launch a wide range of products from their latest Apple event. The tech giant unveiled their newest iPhone 13 range, iPad Mini, iPad 9th gen, and Watch series 7.  From the recent event, we can say that 2021 is a year for upgrades. Consumers looking for a tablet upgrade can choose from an ideally affordable iPad 9th gen or a more expensive iPad Mini tablet. 

While Apple is known for minimal device improvements per year, it’s undeniable that the performance of their newest devices lives up to our expectations.

Apple iPad 9th Gen: The Affordable Apple Tablet

The price of the latest iPad 9th Gen starts at $329 with 64GB internal storage. It’s great that they increased the storage capacity because honestly, 32GB can only last you a few weeks and you’ll need to free up storage to save more files again. The iPad 9th gen is perfect for consumers that need a tablet for their creative side and lifestyle needs. It has a 10.2” retina display and an A13 Bionic chip. With a large screen and fast performance, you can do more with powerful Apple applications such as create digital artworks, read e-books, edit videos, or explore gaming space.

iPad Mini: A New and Improved Portable Mini Tablet

The latest iPad Mini features an all-screen design, 8.3” Retina Display, and 500 nits for peak colour brightness. The iPad Mini also has interesting new features, such as optional 5G, Apple Pencil 2nd gen compatibility, Bluetooth keyboard compatibility, Wi-Fi 6, and an A15 Bionic chip.

With the A15 Bionic chip, the iPad Mini works with faster graphics. Essentially, it provides powerful performance for all types of tablet activity. You can easily bring your ideas and artworks to life. It’s also suitable for playing graphic-intensive games.

Additionally, the iPad Mini also presents faster connectivity with its optional 5G and Wi-Fi 6 capabilities.  With the present generation of people working remotely, it’s essential that devices can work and connect at faster speeds.

Apple iPad 9th Gen and iPad Mini 6 Tablet Holders from Strike

Apple iPad 9th Gen and iPad Mini 6 Car Tablet Cradles are COMING SOON.

Strike tablet holders are compliant with Australia’s road laws. These Apple tablet cradles securely hold your device and provide a convenient view for motorists. It’s also equipped with features that maximise the use of their iPads whilst on the road such as fast charging and signal boosting.

These Apple iPad tablet holders ensure that you stay connected whether remotely at home, at work, or while on the road. It provides 3.0 amps of charging power for the PRO-install version and 2.4 amps for the DIY version. You can also significantly improve your mobile signal by connecting the internal passive antenna with a reputable external aerial. For high-performance signal boosting, we recommend our Strike Antennas here.

It’s engineered with the industry-standard 4-hole AMPS pattern at the back of the cradle which is compatible with any mounting solution that uses this pattern such as RAM Mounts. This feature is efficient for mounting your tablet in nearly any location. You can check out our RAM Mounts solutions available for mounting options here.

Additionally, all Strike Apple iPad vehicle mounts are designed with rugged protection. Our Apple iPad tablet mounts can withstand up to 25G in crash standards. This feature is suitable for enterprise industries with difficult work environments such as Logistics, Transportation, Warehousing, Public Safety, and more.

Check out our wide range of Apple iPad holders here.

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