Motorola LEX L11 Mounting Solution for Public Safety Mobile System

Motorola Solutions has designed an enterprise-grade device known specifically to transform communications for first responders and created solutions for their mission-critical activities.

With the handheld device designed for demanding environments experienced by its users, Strike has successfully engineered a cradle solution to ensure premium device safety and efficiency even in mission-critical situations. The Lex L11 Handheld premieres faster communication for first responders since the device allows them to switch from different talk groups with the push of a button at the side of the device.

Strike Alpha Motorola Lex L11 Car Cradle

All Strike Alpha cradles are designed with the vision to protect, hold, and charge any enterprise device. Strike created the Lex L11 car cradle as an optimum solution for its enterprise users with its capacity to endure the harsh demands of various industries such as Public Safety, Law Enforcement, Emergency Department, Federal Government or anyone else who requires better enterprise mobility.

Motorola Lex L11 phone holders are made with a built-in charger to prolong battery life whilst on crucial activities. It can charge up to 3 amps with the professionally installed version and 2.4 amps with the DIY version. The Lex L11 car mount is also designed to withstand up to 25g in the event of an accident. It also has a lockable cradle option to ensure device safety in critical situations.

Check out Strike Alpha Motorola Lex L11 cradle on a power road test.

Additionally, the Lex L11 cradle is built with an AMPS pattern to conveniently mount it with any RAM mounting solutions. See the full spectrum of RAM Mounts available at Strike here.

View the full range of Strike Alpha Motorola LEX L11 Handheld holders and mounts here.

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