Importance of Hands-Free Technology!

It’s all too often that when driving along, we see people using their phones. Despite the possibility of an undercover police car being around at any given moment, people turn a blind eye to this and are happy to take the risk of sending a text, making a call, updating their Facebook status, changing a song, or uploading a photo. A fine of $330 and 3 demerit points apply if you are seen touching your phone What people don’t realise is that there are more dangers associated with using phones while driving than a simple fine and loss of demerit points. A recent incident in New Zealand saw a P-plater hit a cyclist because they were distracted on their phone. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident and despite various Government campaigns outlining the dangers of using mobile phones when driving just don’t seem to sink in for the majority motorists.

Hands-free technology is arguably one of modern day’s most convenient inventions. Our phones are such an integral part of our busy lives and going without them for any amount of time can be detrimental to our day-to-day business dealings. Hands-free technology enables us to talk to people without having to touch a button. Modern day Bluetooth hands-free devices often operate on voice control alone which means that we don’t even have to touch a button. Voice control limits distraction and subsequently limits the dangers associated with touching phones when driving.

If your phone has Bluetooth enabled on it, it will easily connect to any hands-free device. This means that you have the ability, at the very least, to talk on your mobile phone while driving. If your device has voice activation capabilities, modern day wonders make it possible for you to give commands to your phone via your Bluetooth hands-free device which allows for you to play music, dictate text messages, and much more. Such capabilities make it much safer for drivers who are easily distracted by their phones. Although some drivers may get distracted by text messages or phone calls, at least with a hands-free device they can have both hands on the wheel and physical control of the car.

Strike is a market leader in Bluetooth hands-free technology and we’re constantly evolving and developing our products to keep up with new trends. The Alpha cradle range is compatible with all Bluetooth devices and through this, using advanced technology, this range of products ensure that you can charge, boost the signal, and hold your phone without having to use your hands.

It’s good to know that through the use of Bluetooth devices we can achieve safety when driving without our day-to-day business and personal dealings being compromised. Hands-free technology means staying connected and, more importantly, staying alive.

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