How to Mount a Motorola LEX L11 on a Forklift

LEX L11 is the latest rugged device from Motorola Solutions that was designed for enterprise use in various industries including warehousing, manufacturing, logistics, mining, and many more. The Strike Alpha Motorola LEX L11 fast charging cradle has an AMPS pattern at the back of the cradle providing quick mounting solution for its enterprise users by making it compatible with any RAM mount component that has the universal AMPS pattern.

RAM has listed 6 popular mounting locations for your device on a forklift. Although, the L11 vehicle dock can also be mounted on a forklift in different ways, this post will tackle mounting your device using overhead guard plates. Mounting through different types of bases can be used such as with the Overhead Guard Plates, Square Post Clamp, or with a Drill-Down Base.

RAM Overhead Guard Plates are two identical stamped steel plates that fasten lift cages and overhead guards to mount your devices. Using an overhead guard plate is convenient if you need to mount more than one device since multiple ball bases can be attached to the same plate.

Here’s a go-through on how to mount your Lex L11 with the Strike Alpha Motorola Lex L11 car cradle on Overhead Guard Plates:

    1.    Secure the overhead guard plate to the forklift.
    2.    Attach a double socket arm the overhead guard plate. An ideal double socket arm for this mounting process would be the
        RAM® Universal Double Ball Mount with Two Large Round Plates (RAM-E-101U).
    3.    Attach the Strike Alpha Motorola Lex L11 car mount to the other end of the double socket arm.
    4.    Simply slide in your Lex 11 to the cradle and you’re good to go!

Thinking of mounting your Motorola L11 with overhead guard plates? See the RAM Forklift Overhead Guard Plate with C Size 1.5" Ball available here.

Check out our product video of the Motorola Lex L11 securely mounted on a forklift using a Strike Alpha Motorola Lex L11 Fast Charging Car Cradle!

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