How Strike Reversing Cameras and Sensors Work

One of the most difficult tasks when driving a car is parking especially parallel parking or parking in tight spaces. What’s worse is if you hit an object or a car behind you because of your blind spot.

This is where reversing cameras and sensors come in handy. The blind spots from behind make parking tricky. Whilst backing up, it’s not easy to measure how far objects are from your car. With the Strike reversing camera and sensor, you’ll be more confident, and parking will take less time.

The reversing camera and sensor are placed in your blind spot which is usually at the back near the plate number. There will be a screen at your car’s dashboard where you can easily see how far you are from the gutter, wall, or the car behind you.

The reversing sensors can detect the distance between your car’s rear and any object or obstruction nearby. It gives beeping sounds to alert the driver of how near or far the obstruction is from your car. These reversing cameras and sensors will help let you know whether to back up some more or stop because you are already too near the object behind you.

With the Strike reversing camera and sensor, even parallel parking can be a breeze. Check out our reversing cameras and sensors here. Order one today!


About Strike Group

Strike Group is Australia’s leading provider and manufacturer of innovative car technologies. Strike integrates innovative design and seamless engineering in all its products. The company now exports to 72 countries having appointed key partners in the American and European market.

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