Bluetooth Car Kits for Your Car Stereo

Most cars nowadays have a built-in touchscreen display that includes features like Bluetooth and other smart features. If your vehicle doesn’t have that, it’s okay! There are options like installing a Bluetooth car kit to connect your smartphone for hands-free driving. Some Bluetooth car kits in the market are inexpensive and provide an effective solution. Depending on what you need, there are Bluetooth car kits for people who use their phones for calls, for those who want to listen to music, or if you want to have more features like external antenna connection and battery charging.

One of the best things about a Bluetooth car kit is that it lets you drive safe and hands-free whilst on the road! Here are some Bluetooth car kits you need to check out.

Strike Boss Portable Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit

This Bluetooth car kit from Strike is an option that doesn’t hurt your wallet. Strike’s handsfree car kit is portable and doesn’t need installation. This is an option for people who primarily need to use their phones for calls whilst driving. It has a built-in microphone and speaker and allows one-touch answer, call rejection, voice dialling, and more. It can even support two phones at the same time! View it here.

THB Bury 9048 Car Kit
If you’re willing to spend for more features, then we recommend this car kit from THB Bury. The THB Bury 9048 includes features like direct music playback, voice tags, and battery charging for your mobile phone. Included in the package are the charging cable and aux-in cable to transfer music from your smartphone. Enjoy unlimited talk time. You can also connect two phones simultaneously with this system! Check it out here.

THB Bury System Cradles
With Bury cradles, you can choose from their phone-specific cradles and universal cradles. Universal cradles tend to be more futureproof, and you can easily swap devices with them. But if you prefer a more snug and secure fit on your device, you can opt for the device-specific cradles.
Left: THB Bury System 9 Universal XXL Cradle for Smart Phones
Right: THB Bury System 9 Apple iPhone 11 & XR Cradle
With the THB Bury System Cradle, users get to enjoy Bluetooth technology and additional features. THB Bury System Cradles come with battery charging and an integrated antenna connection. You can also enjoy unlimited talk time with its battery charging capacity. You can also easily dock your device, thanks to its convenient snap-in mounting solution. View THB Bury System 8 Cradles and THB Bury System 9 Cradles through these links.
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